EPIC to Collect Data on Littering Habits of St.Maarten Residents

Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) has launches a new awareness campaign titled “Who do we litter? — Sint Marten.” The campaign concludes more than a dozen neighborhood clean-up events. EPIC St. Maarten is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2007 with the mission of protecting the St.Maarten environment through research and community-based action. The […]

Discover Our 2021 Annual Impact Report

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and staff for the many hours of work that included monitoring remote seabird colonies in the Grenadines, rebuilding a recreational birdwatching hut on Sint Maarten, and teaching children about healthy watersheds in Haiti. These inspiring activities continued during 2021, which was a very challenging year as we all navigated the effects of a global pandemic. Read our 2021 Annual Impact Report to learn more.

How to Find a Petrel

Dominica, West Indies – In May of 2007, a bus driver was leaving the Dominican village of Trafalgar heading towards the capital city of Roseau. Passing through the village of Padu, he noticed an odd-looking bird on the road. Curious, he stopped and got out to have a look. Upon closer inspection, this was a bird he had never seen in Dominica before. Something was off about this bird, perhaps it was injured or stunned in some way, so the bus driver picked the bird up, put it on his lap, and continued his bus route to Roseau.

EPIC Trains Volunteer Hike Leaders

A successful training session on Sint Maarten expanded the number of trained volunteer hike leaders and increased the island’s eco-tourism capacity. Twelve participants, including tour guides and educators, completed the training, hosted by Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) and funded by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (PBCCG). It was held in space donated by Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben and Resources 4 Community Resilience on April 3rd.